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Barbara’s May Blog


Well here we are again, another month and not much has changed in our lives.  However, it’s good to see that nature is unaffected.  My plum tree’s blossom has set without a frost damaging it so I am looking forward to a good crop of plums this year.  The apple blossom is just coming out so fingers crossed the expected storm on Bank Holiday Monday will not wreak havoc.


The RealBridge Practice session on 30th April was a resounding success with 44 players booked and only one unable to get in.  I’ve had lots of positive feedback so hope the May Fridays will attract sufficient players to make it viable as a permanent feature for the club. Only Blot on the Landscape was about 11 peoples’ computers rejecting my email containing the Link as they thought it was spam.  Could all of you intending to play please check your computer settings to allow your device to accept spam/junk emails.  Fortunately there are always at least two ways of achieving what you want on computers. There is now a Link on the Home page (top right hand corner) taking you to a Bridgewebs site which will contain the results of the Friday sessions.  The Link for the next Friday session will also be posted in the Bridgewebs site from 11.00 am on the day of the session in case you have not received your link via an email beforehand.


Payment per session of £2.50 is by bank transfer.  Please, please, please remember to put your name in the reference section when you are transferring money as otherwise I have no means of checking who has paid.


The Club’s bank account details for your information are

Name of Account Mrs Barbara Herold

Sort Code  07 08 06

Account Number   10772947

Nationwide Building Society


At the moment I have two unidentified payments, one for £2.50 with the Bank Sort Code of 07 01 06 and the second one for £15.00 with the Bank Sort Code of 07 04 36.  If you think either of these payments were made by you could you please contact me.  Many thanks.


So far, the information I am getting from the EBU with regard to their suggestions for re-starting FacetoFace bridge and their suggestions to comply with government guidelines would seem to make it non-viable to re-start before the autumn, if then.  They are suggesting pushing 4 tables together to make 1 table, having plastic screens, the list is endless so I won’t bore you with it.  Sufficient to say I’m not hopeful.


On the plus side the EBU are dealing robustly with “cheaters” on BBO.  I am notified of one or two couples per week so far, and given the fact that the EBU does not move swiftly, there will no doubt, be many more.  Sad isn’t it that folks feel the need to cheat when not even money is in the equation.


So how many of you have been to the Hairdressers?  Myself, I can’t be bothered, some say I act like a witch so might as well look like one.

It is nice though to be able to meet up with friends, and for most of you, get together with your families.


Sadly the Club is closed until further notice due to Covid 19.

Virtual Duplicate Bridge Sessions are being held on Friday evenings starting 7th May 2021 on RealBridge.  Start time 7.00 pm, please be seated by 6.50 pm latest.  Please book in advance with Barbara.  At the moment no host is available so you need to arrange your own partner.

Barbara is also teaching virtually using a combination of Zoom, BridgeBaseOnline, RealBridge and No Fear Bridge.

Would you like more information?  

Please contact Barbara on 01424 422118 or Lattyherold@aol.com

My next-door neighbour has this wonderful flowering cherry.  It only lasts a couple of weeks but so beautiful whilst in  bloom.

Pittosporum tenuifolium

See below

Link to


Where you will find results from the Friday RealBridge sessions and also

Your link for the next forthcoming RealBridge session, available from 11.00 am on the morning of the session.


Don’t you just love the vagaries of nature.  I am extremely fond of evergreen shrubs and have many in my garden so in fact it’s very colourful in the winter and I’m always on the look-out for interesting evergreens.   I came across the Pittosporum tenuifolium in of all places B & Q in Ravenside and had to buy it.  It’s a variegated version and the experts say “Textbooks talk of maroon flowers in spring but few are produced”.  My lovely plant is smothered in flowers!!  Be interesting to see what it does next year?